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Keeping the memory alive of those who have
fallen in the name of social justice in Haiti.


Jean-Marie Samedi, died of suspected poisoning on February 21, 2010
after rebuking Preval and the Group 184 by calling for the return of Aristide


Champion of the poor and social justice in Haiti, Father Gerard Jean-Juste died
on May 27, 2009. He fell seriously ill following long periods of false imprisonment
and harsh treatment at the hands of the Latortue regime that took power after
Aristide’s ouster in Feb. 2004.


Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, kidnapped and disappeared on August 12, 2007
after announcing his candidacy for the Senate on the Fanmi Lavalas slate.


Sanel Joseph was gunned down by the Haitian police on May 18, 2005
as he walked home following a demonstration demanding the return of Aristide.


Andre Jean-Marie, a Literacy Coordinator for Fanmi Lavalas,
gunned down in drive-by shooting on December 11, 2003


Father Jean-Marie Vincent, gunned down in cold blood on August 28, 1994
after denouncing the Haitian military and calling for the return of Aristide.